What is a professional wedding coordinator and why hire one?

A wedding coordinator will work with you generally one month prior to your big day. Firstly, an extensive take over will happen (this generally involves coffee or a sneaky Vino) – where we go through all your plans so far, from the venue, catering, beverage service, right down to your alcohol quantities, entertainment selections, tableware, and floor plans. We then fill in any of the blanks, from the layout to the coordination of the day itself, and all your amazingly planned elements.

From then on we will check in with all your suppliers, offer any assistance and fix up any last details including supplier arrival/service duration and any last minute payments. We become your key contact and take over your plans so far. We carefully create a detailed schedule to make sure there is enough time for all 6 Bridesmaids to be ready for your 1pm ceremony, supplying this to each vendor. This is where we differ from a venue coordinator (someone who specifically looks after the venue coordination rather than all of your event plans…we do work alongside each other if your venue happens to offer this service)

On the day we handle those all-important situations from missing cutlery, to broken plates, we assist with your supplier set up, to dusting off all 112 placement settings after a Coastal dust storm comes through right before your guests were about to arrive. We see the problems that will arise (and trust me there are some doozeys) we fix these before anyone even knows. We run for more ice when Uncle Trev forgot to pick up all 12 bags on his way in, check for bird poo on your beautifully set ceremony chairs (yes this happens) ensuring that precise detail of sharpness. We liaise with the catering crew when you are running 45 minutes late from your bridal party photos after 4 toilet stops, move your beautifully curated arch florals into your reception before ushering all 163 guests inside for your big arrival, liaise with your MC and keep them to schedule so we don’t run 50 minutes late for dinner service. We are the ones that meet you on arrival to your ceremony, que the celebrant/priest that you are ready, time the music while entertaining you’re not so impressed 3-year-old niece who decides she has had enough, with our secret stash of sugary sweetness (yip this happens too)

Not only do we assist your bridal party but your entire guest list and suppliers. We are there for the duration of your celebration or until everything is going to plan (yes that can be 11pm). We make sure the band and photographers are fed while you are cutting the cake with that spare cake knife we brought with us (because Aunt Mary forgot to drop yours off.)

Wedding coordinators are like your personal assistants, your right hand man, your counsellor for one of the biggest events in your life. Think of us as your creative project manager, the glue that sticks everything together, your one source of the truth, the conductor of your symphony orchestra, your first aider for the day. We are your reliable, trustworthy professional where your day, your plans and your marriage is number one. 

So all in all, as much as wedding coordinators are seen to be a nice to have service, we all know that weddings take hours, days, and months to plan. So much time, effort and emotion goes into carefully creating a beautiful event that celebrates you as a couple, it tells your story, your journey, so why not make sure you both along with your friends and family enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.

Elizabeth Jean x